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Electric Personal Mobility Devices (E-PMDs)

Our Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) are a major competitor for the Segway scooter and we believe our products are better value in the sense we offer a product just as good for half the price. The Leadway R5 is an off-road scooter boasting a 30km range per charge. Our reliability is second too none and you can expect to be using our products for a long time. We only deal in products which utilize lithium ion batteries. Our systems are single only, not double as this simply ads extra weight to the scooters. Rather our safety is accomplished through appropriate warning systems which indicate to the rider when the battery is running flat and speed limiters which reduce the maximum speed of the unit when the battery is running out. This prevents serious accidents from occurring.

The Segway is a great machine slightly up-market to our own and our mission is to produce something with equal ability for a lower price as the main problem with making a great machine like the Segway viable for the masses is reducing its cost. Segway fits into a very niche upper market while our product is geared to fit into the mainstream market while still competing with the Segway on measures such as quality, performance and reliability.

SELECTED OFF-ROAD Personal Mobility Device (PMD)-  

1) High Quality, 72V, 4000w power, 47kg total weight, 15km Range (single battery spec), Road-runner R5, Self-Balancing Scooter.

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ROADRUNNER (R5) Off-Road Scooter Specifications
Water Resistant
  Mileage display 
 Operation Temperature Range: Charge: 0~45℃ , Discharge: -20~60℃      
   Ground Clearance: 15cm
  84V 8.8Ah Li-ion battery pack (Charging Amperage 8.8Ah)
  Charge time: Approx 3H        
 Climbing Ability on Good and Dry surface: 15-20 deg Maximum
  Max Load: 120kg
  Motor: 4000W  
  Range 25km

SELECTED URBAN Personal Mobility Device (PMD)-

1) High Quality 72v, 2000w, 30km range (double battery spec), 37kg total weight, Lithium Ion, Thundercruise T5 Self-Balancing Scooter.

-Driver protection: Scooter will stop moving when driver gets off.
  -Emergency protection when lose control
  -Handle bar can be adjusted according to your height: 70-105cm
  -Speed: 20KM/h (max). Moving speed can be controlled by your body’s center of gravity
  -Maximum load: 140kg
  -Max power output: 2 x 1000W (72V)
  -Battery type: 84V 8.8Ah Lithium Rechargable
  -Driving range: 30km (max.) 60km max for double battery version.  
  -Vehicle weight (Net weight): 37kg; Gross Weight: 42kg; -Packing size: 70.5*44.5*58cm
  -Vehicle size: 68 (L)x 43 (W) x 123 (H)cm
  -Vehicle body is 13 cm (from ground)
  -Pedal height: 26cm Climbing angle: ≤45
  -110-220V AC Power Adapter (charger) x 1pcs; Tool: x 1 kits
  Speed control/shift. High speed 18km/h, Middle speed -12Km/h, and low speed 8km/h (for beginners)
  -It comes with a remote controller which is used for speed shift and towing mode enable/disable.
 Milage Display