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   Leadway Australia     

     Ph: 0457 855 842 


Ph: 0457 855 842 

Leadway is a high technology manufacturer concerned with on-going research and development of battery powered E-Transport products of various types intended for both on-road and off-road applications. We import whole products to ship worldwide. Leadway utilizes the low cost of labour from China to keep its prices affordable.

Our products are made from parts sourced from Taiwan, USA, UKNetherlands and Japan which are assembled in China. Leadway Australia is an Australian market targeted agenda which utilizes the low cost production in particular of Southern China. 

Please feel free to call our references who already own the various products and services we offer by clicking on the reference icon above.  We own the rights to sell and distribute all of the products we promote within and take full responsibility for dealing with all matters related to warranty and after sales parts service as per its terms and conditions under the warranty tab above.

If you want to buy please contact an agent to organize payment and shipping of a Leadway product to you anywhere in the world by email at [email protected]. Our staff are trained in sending products across the globe and know all the ins and outs of international customs clearance.   The service we offer to you includes shipping in addition to the products we provide as you will be charged a single price inclusive of all costs.

We will send you an invoice for the product you would like to buy for your briefing and accept payment by the most popular means which is all the major credit cards as well as direct bank transfer. 


The Leadway X3 Electric Wheelchair is now the most popular Leadway product. 

Above is a video showcasing our most popular product the off-road E-PMD. These have been legalized for use on public foot-paths for general public transport during 2014 in QLD and NT. No registration or insurance is required to operate these machines.